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Four-star review from RT Book Reviews!

RT Book Reviews has awarded Improper Relations a coveted four-star rating in its May, 2012 issue! This is what their reviewer had to say: “The well-developed plot and quick, witty dialogue make this story a page-turner. Leo and Hannah absolutely sizzle with each interaction and Ross finds just the right mix of innocence and wickedness to make readers want more.” Thank you, Romantic Times!    

Improper Arrangements available now in audiobook format has just released its audiobook of Improper Arrangements. Narrated by the sublime Victoria McGloven (who also narrated the audiobook of Improper Relations), it’s unabridged and runs just over four hours. Perfect for your commute! You can buy both audiobooks directly from Audible by clicking here.

Cover art for Improper Relations

The wizards at Carina have given me an absolutely gorgeous cover for Improper Relations. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to the people in marketing for taking the time and trouble to produce a cover that looks exactly as I imagine Leo and Hannah ought to look when, ahem, they’re enjoying themselves. And while we can all appreciate a bit of moob (man-titty?) I think it’s nice to get a look at a man’s back, for a change. […]