Brenda Novak’s For the Cure of Diabetes Annual Auction

Each year beloved bestselling author Brenda Novak organizes an auction to benefit diabetes research. So far she, and the many authors who make donations each year, have raised more than $1 million. I’m honored to be playing a (very small) part in this year’s auction and I do hope you’ll visit Brenda’s website to see what’s up for grabs this year.

Since I work as a copy editor when I’m not writing romantic fiction, I’ll be contributing a fine edit to anyone who has finished writing their magnum opus and is ready to approach the agent or editor of their dreams. I’ll do a fine edit on your first three chapters, synopsis and cover letter, which will help ensure you make the best possible first impression.  Please note, however, that I won’t be offering a critique or substantive edit of the larger elements of your work — but there are plenty of other authors who are willing and able to do so if that’s what you require!

To learn about the Brenda Novak for the Cure of Diabetes Annual Auction, please click here — and good luck with your bids!